Broughton (left) and Addison (right), two of the members of the "Barracks 3 gang"

The Barracks 3 gang is a slang term used by series' fans for those POWs who provide support for Hogan and his men in their operations at Stalag 13. The name is actually a misnomer - it should more properly be the "Barracks 2 gang" - but comes from the episode Reservations Are Required. In it, most of these supporting characters appear in the roll call line outside Barracks 3, while our regular heroes appear in the one outside Barracks 2.

One or more of the Barracks 3 gang can be frequently seen in almost every episode, most often in the background but sometimes helping or aiding our heroes in some way. Members of the Barracks 3 gang have played major roles in some episodes, even covering for one of the regular heroes at times when they are absent. The four major members of the "Barracks 3 gang" (Addison, Broughton, Walters, and Slim) actually live inside Barracks 2 along with the Unsung Heroes; one can only presume that the others live inside Barracks 3 or one of the other barracks in the camp. It has also been speculated, from a chronological point-of-view, that Sergeant Baker started out as a member of the Barracks 3 gang and was moved up when Kinch left.

The four major members of the Barracks 3 gang - those who can be seen in almost every episode of the series - are as follows:

Other known members of the Barracks 3 gang include:

Other potential members, mentioned during mail or roll calls in various episodes, include:

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