Hogan's Heroes

Klink's office is another barracks building. This is the administrative building for Stalag 13. The building is set in three parts: the secretary's office for Klink's personal secretary, Klink's actual office and Klink's bedroom.

Secretary's office[]

This is the outer office. The Kommandant's pretty blonde secretary, first Helga, then Hilda, would be the first person that anyone would see after entering the building. Inside the office is placed a table and chair and a cabinet. On the desk, besides pencils, pads, typewriter paper and other papers, is placed a typewriter which the secretary would use to write up any memos from Klink.

Klink's officekinikoffcetow[]

This is the inner office, from within which Klink runs the camp. Inside Klink's office is a desk and chair, a cabinet, and on the walls a bulletin board and a photograph of Adolf Hitler. The photograph contains a bugging device which is placed over the microphone in the picture. The bug is connected to the coffee pot listening device in Barracks 2, allowing the prisoners to listen in on the conversations that occurs inside Klink's office. There is also inside the room a safe, where all of Klink's important papers are kept, and a coat and hat rack. There is a portrait of Heinrich Himmler, which is connected to a dummy closet in the secretary's office. The eyes in the picture can collapse, so that any of Hogan's men can see, as well as listen in on private conversations. Lastly, there is a table upon which is placed a silver setting that contains a pair of decanters filled with liquor (probably schnapps).

On the desk itself, besides papers and pencils, is placed a cigar box, and Klink's helmet.

The configuration of the office also changes. In some episodes it has 4 walls. And in others it has a smaller 5th wall, as if you get a corner off of a square. The pictures on the walls also randomly move. Sometimes there is a blueprint of Stalag 13 directly behind Klink's desk, and sometimes it is on another wall. Or we might see a map of the surrounding areas move from wall to wall. Most notably the "bugged" picture of Hitler moves positions, which would be problematic since it has a wire for the hidden microphone.

Klink's bedroom[]

This is a separate room where Klink would sleep. Inside the room is a bed, a storage locker, a dresser and a closet, the later two being where Klink would keep his uniform and other clothing.