Hogan's Heroes
Staff Sergeant Richard Baker
Rank Staff Sergeant
Enlisted In Allied Forces, USAAF
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Actor Kenneth Washington

Staff Sergeant Richard Baker is a fictional character who replaces Ivan Dixon's character, Sergeant James Kinchloe around episode 25 of the fifth season of the 1960s sitcom, Hogan's Heroes, although he wouldn't make a physical appearance until the first episode of season six. He was played by Kenneth Washington.

Known Character Information[]

Not much is known about Sergeant Baker's background, no information on where he is born, grew up or what kind of education he receives, other than that he took over Sergeant Kinchloe's duties as the group's radio operator and electronic expert. What is known about him is that, like Kinchloe, he is taught to play the upright bass.

It must therefore be assumed that Baker has joined the USAAF at some point after the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor, went up the ranks until he has reached his present rank of Sergeant and during an air raid over Germany is shot down and captured. He is then sent to Stalag 13, where he is a background member of Colonel Hogan's unit until Kinchloe 'left', and like him, has a background in using radios and other electronic equipment. Upon Kinchloe's departure, Baker is promoted to his present position among the unit.

Post-World War II[]

Nothing is know about the final fate of Sergeant Baker, but it can be assumed that he is liberated during the final advance of the Allied armies.